About Us

Since 2001, the goal of Addict Help has been helping those with addiction find resources to aid in a successful recovery and overcome addictive behavior.

  • We are a small group of dedicated people who know recovery works miracles.

One of our main objectives is to research the addiction community and find the highest quality resources so visitors to our website can make better-informed choices.

After talking with people in recovery, and treatment professionals who help others get clean and sober, we have created our list of the best rehabs in the US.

All of the information provided on our website is free to use by anyone with an addiction, as well as family, friends trying to help a friend or family member transition through troubled times.

We know firsthand through our own experience how difficult it can be to live a life in the grips of the disease of addiction. We struggled for years trying to find a way out, and through the help of many others, we found our way home to a happy and fulfilling life of sobriety.

All of our team are in recovery. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t quick. Still, luckily we had a great support system that included beautiful friends, family, therapists, and counselors that stuck with us during some very rough years.

Anyone who thinks their life is hopeless and needs to rely on drugs or alcohol to get out of bed, function normally, or make it through each day, we want to let them know we are living proof that it is possible to recover and stop using any substance.

There are so many others out there just like us who are living sober and productive lives. We’ve all been in the same place and remind each other it’s possible to be happy again.

We also know that addiction is a mental illness, so we rely on drugs or alcohol. Everyone at some point in their life endures stress, anxiety, and depression – it’s a normal part of being human.

It’s essential to recognize that mental health, like addiction, can be treated and managed with proper help. But, unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to do it alone.

There is a wide variety of effective medications available to help those that need them. In addition, many therapies work with medication to help those that need a little push in the right direction. In some cases, medication combined with therapy is the perfect combination.

The worst thing any of us can do is attempt to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to cope with our problems. Using drugs or alcohol to deal with mental health issues like depression or PTSD is a “dual diagnosis” or co-occurring disorder.

Having a co-occurring disorder will only complicate and amplify the symptoms instead of making them better. It is a classic example of how many of us become addicted.

Throughout our website, we try to write about the things that we’ve discovered through years in recovery and discuss topics and questions that we have heard others ask in group therapy.

The recovery community is kind and caring for people who were once down and out yet are now thriving.

All of us want to encourage and support others that are in a lost period of their life. We want to instill a glimmer of hope to stay positive enough to do what is necessary to find the path to sobriety.

Nobody should ever feel they are alone globally, and many others are willing to help.

We hope everyone finds our information valuable to get help or stay sober and on track in recovery.

Addict Help is an independently owned and operated web-based entity.

We have been helping people find facts, information, and answers since 2001.

Our team has worked in the recovery field for over 15 years, gaining experience, knowledge, and expertise. We understand people want the best possible information so they can make the right decisions.

When someone realizes they have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, they need to take appropriate actions. We provide unbiased facts about both the problem and the best solutions.

This website is 20 years old. Our primary objective was to provide honest, accurate information.

  • We know all about the problem and the solution.

Our mission is to present the facts and details about drug and alcohol abuse in a straightforward, easy to comprehend manner. Our website helps visitors can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

  • We provide current, accurate easy to understand information about drug and alcohol abuse and recovery.