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Our mission is to provide expert, confidential assistance for addicts, alcoholics, families, friends, professionals and all people young and old. We offer compassionate support because we understand how difficult it is to reach out for help.


It’s tough being a family member of an addict and or alcoholic. Providing the best way of being supportive is critically important.


We’re living in the midst of a heroin and opioid epidemic but there are many other addictive substances that can be just as dangerous.


Alcohol is legal and socially accepted, but is problematic for some people. Learn about alcoholism and the various options for treating it.

Addiction Health Resources

Addiction Health Resources

Fast and easy to use, locate inpatient or outpatient treatment resources anywhere in the United States. It is the largest, most comprehensive listing in the country.

Recovery’s a Process

Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation

The first step in the recovery process is a thorough assessment. It determines what level and intensity of treatment and rehab is best. It may include detox and stabilization…

Ongoing Fellowship & Support

12-Step programs have helped millions of addicts and alcoholics find long-term sobriety and happiness. Like most diseases it can be kept in remission if lifestyle changes are maintained…

Living a Healthier Happier Lifestyle

Maintaining successful recovery requires a strong commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. This includes practicing the principles of recovery, spirituality and staying connected.


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