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Our mission is to provide expert, confidential assistance for addicts, alcoholics, families, friends, professionals and all people young and old. We offer compassionate support because we understand how difficult it is to reach out for help.

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Addiction is often as scary for family members as it is for addicts. It’s important to learn about how and why addiction happens.

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We’re living in the midst of a heroin and opioid epidemic but there are many other addictive substances that can be just as dangerous.


Alcohol is legal and socially accepted, but it can still be problematic for some people. Learn about alcoholism and ways to treat it.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Resources

If you’re looking for unbiased treatment resources anywhere in the United States, give us a call.

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If you’re looking for inpatient treatment resources anywhere in the United States, use the nationwide Drug Rehab Directory.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Information

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Best Rehab Centers In The US

Our list of the 12 best drug alcohol rehab centers in the United States was very carefully selected. Each one has been picked based on the quality of their program, rate of success, quality of facilities and staff and other criteria.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Addiction is a disease that requires treatment like any other condition. Understanding the different types of addiction treatment programs available is the first step to finding an effective recovery program.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

The drug and alcohol detox process can be frightening to those dealing with addiction, even preventing some from seeking the help they need. When detox is supervised by a staff of experienced, caring professionals, known as medically supervised detox, the process is safer.

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We Care for youWe'd Love To Hear From YouOur mission is to provide expert, confidential assistance for addicts, a ...

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