Women Drinking Much More Alcohol – According to New JAMA Study

According to a recent JAMA Network study, the number of Americans drinking alcohol is steadily increasing, as well as the number of Americans who fall into the alcohol use disorder (AUD) and high risk drinking categories. Women, older adults and minorities represent those with the greatest escalation of alcohol consumption. Remarkably, high-risk alcohol consumption among women rose by 60… Read more »

The Deadly Dangers of Attempting to Detox Off Alcohol At Home

Actor Nelsan Ellis’ Death Was a Direct Result of Him Trying to Alcohol Detox At Home Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a high profile death to remind people about the dangers alcohol withdrawal and, most especially, detoxing at home. Just this month, 39-year-old actor Nelsan Ellis, most famous for his work on HBO’s vampire series “True… Read more »

Gray Death – Lives Up to Its Color & Name

Law enforcement officials and health officials in Ohio, Georgia, and most other states in the country are spreading information about the emergence of a new highly addictive and incredibly dangerous drug cocktail referred to as Gray Death. First gaining notoriety in 2016 when a version of this drug compound was found in Prince’s body after… Read more »

Women Over 60 are Drinking More Alcohol

A provocative study authored by epidemiologist Dr. Rosalind Breslow of the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicates that more older woman are binge drinking today than ever before. Data collected on over 65,000 women and men who were at least 60 years old and considered themselves “current drinkers” took Breslow by surprise. “My colleagues… Read more »

How To Design A Relapse Prevention Plan

at this time of the year is a good idea. Why? Because more people in recovery for drugs and alcohol, relapse during the month of December than at any other time of the year. The 2 primary reasons are, of course, Christmas & New Years. It’s no secret they are the biggest drinking and partying… Read more »

Leftover Medications Fuel Addiction Epidemic

Between 1999 and 2014, prescription opioid sales nearly quadrupled, with adults over 40 representing the most likely demographic to use pain pills prescribed by their doctor. During this time, overdose deaths due to opioid abuse increased fourfold as well. While research strongly suggests some prescription opioid addicts turn to heroin when they can no longer… Read more »

College: Adderall Epidemic On Campus

The number of students in college that are abusing Adderall is increasing at a very high rate. It has become part of the fabric of life in the modern college campuses. Adderall is a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, which are central nervous system stimulants that affect the brain and the nerves contributing to impulse… Read more »

College Recovery Programs: Sober By Degrees

College recovery programs have transformed higher education for students battling the disease of addiction. Providing a built-in community geared toward sobriety prevents entire generations of young women and men, soon to be educators, writers, scientists and leaders from falling through the cracks that alcohol and drug abuse so often rips apart. For students dealing with… Read more »

College Safety: The Clery Act

The federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act better known as the Clery Act requires that all university and colleges whether private or public that receive federal funding to disclose all campus safety information and also imposes some basic requirements on the handling of sexual violence and emergency situations…. Read more »

Drunkorexia: College Students Starving For a Drink

For many people the term drunkorexia is a new term. It is the name of a disturbing new binge-drinking trend that has swept through college campuses. It is a scary new drinking culture where a person restricts food calories to make room for alcoholic drink calories. It is also known as the liquid diet. It… Read more »