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Vegan Calculator

Vegan Savometer

Just enter the date you began following the vegan diet, or click on the calendar and select the exact date.

Choosing to following a vegan diet is the best possible food plan for reducing greenhouse gases and the burden food farms put on the climate and natural resources. From the day someone turns vegan, the savometer determines the amount of the following;

  • the number of animal’s lives
  • the gallons of water not used
  • the amount of land that was not deforested (in square feet)
  • How many pounds of crops not used
  • Pounds of CO2 not put into the earth’s atmosphere

Each of these are critical, climate changing factors to reduct the impact of animal agriculture on our world.

The earth is in trouble, big trouble. As the result of man-made actions, and other elements, the atmosphere and climate are changing. Global warming, for example, can result in serious alterations to the environment impacting human health.

Producing meat requires a lot of energy natural resources. So, reducing or eliminating meat fro the diet helps the environment!