5 Good Reasons To Avoid Day Drinking

We certainly understand the attraction of day drinking. It takes place at a ballgame or a trip to the park or beach. Baseball or, for that matter, any leisurely activity may seem to go better with alcohol.

  • It is consuming alcohol during daylight hours.

There’s something that feels just a little bit rebellious about consuming alcohol while the sun is still high in the sky. That said, there are some excellent reasons why you don’t see or hear advertisements in favor of drinking during the day. Here are five reasons why it is not a good idea;

1. Binge Drinking

Cracking a cold one for a two o’clock kickoff makes it more likely a person will binge drink. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider five or more drinks in one sitting for men and four for women. Weekend drinkers might not see themselves as hardened alcoholics.

Binge drinking can lead to liver disease, high blood pressure, alcohol poisoning, and a host of other health-damaging side effects, including a compromised immune system.

2. Violent or Sexual Assault

An estimated 1,825 college students between the ages of 18 to 24 die each year due to alcohol-related accidents.

3. Hair of the Dog

Drinking the day after is a popular way of treating a hangover from the day before. Unfortunately, this can create a cycle that leads to an alcohol use disorder.

4. Dehydration

Sun-worshippers at the beach must be extra careful about dehydration if they’re drinking. Not only does the sun zap the body’s water supply, but it can also lead to serious health risks. Those lounging in the sun are more likely to consume more alcohol to relieve the heat and, as a result, get drunker faster.

5. One drink leads to Another

Steady alcohol consumption has the potential to affect people’s mental and physical health. Taking in that much alcohol traumatizes the body and mind’s ability to recuperate in 24 hours. Hangovers are no laughing matter. It impairs people’s ability to function at work or school, problem solve and regulate their emotions as they would normally.


Everyone with a little bit of experience will tell you the trick is to have a glass of water between drinks. Alcohol is a diuretic, and this means it makes you pee more often. It can leave the body dehydrated. Being dehydrated is why most people experience a hangover.

  • Aim to drink one glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you drink. It might be difficult, and you may pee a lot but more, but it is crucial to stay hydrated to keep your stamina and avoid a hangover.

Don’t Drink on an Empty Stomach. Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster, and it can lead to blackouts or even alcohol poisoning. It would be best if you ate and not snacks, but some “real” food. Start with a hearty breakfast. Carbohydrates are your friend oatmeal or whole wheat pancakes are good choices. You can also add an egg, sausage, or ham. Proteins take longer to digest, so they will therefore stay with you for longer. Breakfast alone is not enough; keeping eating.

Food in your stomach will slow down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed and keep you feeling full, thereby encouraging you to drink at a slower pace.

A pint of beer and a shot of tequila will affect you differently because of the alcohol content. Beer has a lower alcohol content making it a better choice.

Stay away from hard liquor because there is always the risk of drinking more within a short time. Also, stay clear of anything too sweet. The quality of alcohol will contribute to how bad your hangover will be. You must, therefore, decide if drinking the cheapest booze on the menu is worth suffering later.

Taking a breather is one of the best things you can do, especially if you have some plans for the night. If you have not followed the tips above, the chances are high that you will be too intoxicated, and you might pass out early, possibly missing out on all the fun at night.

But if you stay hydrated, eat a healthy meal and stay clear of the cheap liquor, a one-hour power nap could help your body re-energize enough to regain the energy lost.

Getting tipsy is a little joy most people love in the summer, but you must be smart about it. You do not want to miss more fun at night or embarrass yourself in front of your friends. Before retiring to bed, drink some water to avoid any hangovers when waking up.

Our nation’s history contains all sorts of customs and traditions that society learned were harmful and dutifully abandoned. It’s essential for those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol to avoid environments that can trigger triggers and cravings.

5 Reasons To Avoid Day Drinking and 5 Tips For Doing it Right