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Alcoholism – Assessment

Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Someone may binge drink but not be considered an alcoholic. We encourage to get a professional evaluation of you feel you might have an issue with alcohol.


This 12 question quiz will help determine whether there is a drink problem, or not. This is not a substitute for getting a professional assessment and evaluation. Answer each question honestly. Keep track of the Yes and No answers to each question.

Determining whether a person has a drinking problem can be difficult. This alcoholism test is a fairly good method of screening for alcoholism. Once someone takes the test, and the results indicate they may an alcohol problem, further testing and evaluation should be done by a professional.

Answer Each Question “Yes” or “No”

  1. – Do you ever talk about “quitting” or “cutting back”?
  2. – Does your life basically revolve around drinking?
  3. – Have you ever had memory loss from drinking (blackouts)?
  4. – Do most of your friends drink?
  5. – Do you always have liquor, beer or wine in the house?
  6. – Do you look forward to the next time you can drink?
  7. – Do you suffer from hangovers?
  8. – Do you often drink more than you planned?
  9. – Does being around people who don’t drink makes you uncomfortable?
  10. – Have you ever stopped drinking for a few days to prove you don’t have a problem?
  11. – Do you drive even though you know you have had a lot to drink?
  12. – Do you rarely go a week without drinking?


Keep in mind this is only a “thumbnail quiz to help analyze whether they may be a drinking problem present, or not. Add up your total number of “YES” answers,  then match it to this list of categories.

  • 0 – 2 = Probably a “Normal” Drinker
  • 3 – 5 = Possible Problem Drinker
  • 6 or more = Seek a Professional Evaluation