Nar-Anon is a worldwide, non-profit organization designed to help people who are involved in relationships with a drug addict. Most people who are related to an addict or an alcohol in some form, need help to cope with the problems and stress.

Nar-Anon is a free support group which helps wives, parents and friends of addicts.

Nar-Anon is a worldwide fellowship for those affected by someone else’s addiction. As a Twelve-Step Program, it offers help by sharing experience, strength, and hope.

What is Nar-Anon?

The name Nar-Anon is a combination of the first portion of the words (Nar)cotics (Anon)ymous. Nar-Anon defines itself as an independent fellowship with the stated purpose of “helping relatives and friends of addicts. Nar-Anon is a free nationwide network of support groups for people in relationships with addicts. It offers strength and hope for friends and families of drug abusers.

Nar-Anon’s 12 Setps

Many people come to Nar-Anon to get help in stopping someone else’s drug use. However, Nar-Anon, as a program, recognizes that the friends and families of drug addicts are often traumatized themselves, and in need of emotional support and understanding.

Membership Requirements

The only requirement for membership is there be a problem of addiction in a relative or friend. Their recovery program is adapted from Narcotics Anonymous and uses the12 Steps and 12 Traditions.

There are no dues or fees. Each group is self-supporting and collects donations that are used for local expenses such as room rent and supplies. Group and member contributions support the Nar-Anon World Service Office.

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