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Spirituality in Recovery

In recovery, spirituality is very personal and private. Although sometimes downplayed, incorporating spirituality into a recovering person’s life is essential. Most often referred to as a “higher power”, building a strong relationship with a power greater than themselves is a life-long process. Spirituality is tapping into a power greater than ourselves, a source of strength and comfort. Recovering people choose whatever they want to be their higher power. Recovery is built on a foundation of finding and incorporating this power into our daily lives. Some choose the Buddhism path. Others simply practice prayer and meditation.The eleventh step specifically asks a person to “sought through prayer and meditation to improve their conscious contact” with their higher power. The addition of the practice of praying and meditating is one of the things which helps a recovering person sustain and maintain their spirituality.
Most recovering people will have a “spiritual experience” of some kind. This powerful personal episode often catapults them to a greater level of consciousness.
The twelve Steps, used in Alcoholics Anonymous and other recovery programs, is designed specifically for a person to gradually grow spiritually and have a “spiritual awakening” as the result of walking and working all twelve steps.
It has been stated that “you cannot solve a problem on the level of the problem.” The twelve step recovery process is an ideal example of this principle. The steps tap into a higher power of their own understanding, to apply to their addiction, whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling, food or anything else. It is this reaching out and tapping into a power greater than themselves which allows a person who was unable to manage their destructive behavior on their own to rise above and manage their problem successfully.
In recovery, spirituality is only one of several aspects of “working a program.” Others are working the twelve steps and incorporating all their principles into their new lives. Fellowship as well as sponsorship and two of the other components of living a healthy life of recovery.

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