About Drunkenness


The term drunk is the state of being intoxicated by consumption of alcoholic beverages to a degree that mental and physical faculties are noticeably impaired and/or skewed. Severe drunkenness may lead to acute alcohol intoxication. Common symptoms may include slurred speech, impaired balance, poor coordination, flushed face, reddened eyes, reduced inhibition and uncharacteristic behavior.

The Term Defined

Drunkenness can result in temporary experience of a wide range of emotions, ranging from anger, sadness, and depression to euphoria, lightheartedness, joviality, and lose sexual inhibition. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol may lead to a hangover the next day.

The Term "Town Drunk"

Before the discovery that alcoholism was a disease, drunk was the only way to refer to an alcoholic. That terminology came about in the 1860's. So, before that, drunk was the term people used to refer to the poor wretch who was always drinking too much alcohol, also known as the "town drunk".

What's it means

To be called a drunk is to imply someone suffers from alcoholism. The term drunk means the person gets inebriated on a regular basis. The problem with being a drunk is that the person often does not know they are a drunk. And the trouble with being a drunk is it is almost impossible for them to stop drinking on their own.

The reason a drunk can't quit drinking on their own is two-fold. First of all, their bodies crave alcohol as they go through the alcohol withdrawal process. Secondly, alcoholism usually requires going through the alcohol rehabilitation process which addresses the other issues of why the drink so much.


A 0.080 percent Blood Alcohol Concentration is considered legally drunk

Legally drunk, is a term used when talking about DUI or DWI laws regarding whether someone has been drinking and driving. Most state laws consider you to be drunk of your blood alcohol level is above a certain level.

Someone's blood alcohol level is measured to help determine how much alcohol is in their system and whether they can safely operate a motor vehicle.

A drunk is considered someone who gets drunk regularly. And they often suffer from the low lifestyle of being a drunk. Being a drunk, they are often caught in a catch-22. Their self esteem is so low they can't get the help they need on their own. Being a drunk also connotes being an alcoholic. And an alcoholic is someone who is suffering from alcoholism.

Drunkenness Defined

Drunk is really just another term for dependence on alcohol. Drunkenness stems from the body's gradually inability to tolerate alcohol. Being an alcoholic is usually a gradual process, whereby the human body loses its ability to deal with a minimum amount of alcohol.

The real problem comes when even a small amount of alcohol triggers a powerful craving for more and more alcohol. A person with alcoholism usually gets drunk on a regular basis and never intended to get drunk. top luxury drug alcohol rehab treatment centers

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