Alcohol and Drug Addiction Information Center

Drug addiction and alcoholism are progressive, fatal illnesses. They ruin health, careers and families. Alcohol and drug abuse destroys everything and everyone in its path. Alcohol and drug abuse causes more damage than any other problem. The economic and personal costs are staggering. The estimated total costs of alcohol misuse, drug abuse and addiction due to use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are estimated at $524 billion a year.

There is a permanent solution. It is called "recovery".

The process of recovery starts with rehab and treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab is designed to initiate a person into the long-term process of recovering. Treatment is the educational, therapeutic part of the rehabilitation process.

Finding and attending the right treatment center is important. It can make the difference between someone being successful in long-term recovery or not. Finding the right facility can be difficult. No two facilities are the same. Finding the right program is a question of matching the person to the right program that best addresses their needs.

Recovery is living in the solution. It offers a program for living that really works. There are nearly 25 million Americans in recovery from addictive behavior. These fortunate people have access to a worldwide fellowship of people ready and willing to help them.


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