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Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers – How to Choose The Best One

Finding the right drug, alcohol, inpatient, treatment center is very important. Matching the individual’s needs is the key and increases the likelihood of the person’s success and positive experience while in rehab. When interviewing different places, it is a good idea to ask a lot of questions about their program. Each program has its own unique methods and types of therapy. Matching the type of health insurance the person has with the type the facility accepts in probably the most important factor.

How to Find the Right Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

There are many factors to consider. Cost, of course, is the most obvious. Beyond the money, is whether to stay nearby, or go some distance away from the immediate environment. Another issue is compatibility. As previously mentioned, no two treatment centers are alike and no two people are alike. Finally, in choosing the right treatment center be sure to factor in big vs. small facilities.

Help Finding the Right Drug Abuse Program

Finding the right drug abuse rehab center is very important. It can make the difference between someone being successful in recovery, or not. Here are the steps we suggest you consider taking to make sure you find a good program.

Call a treatment center and have them do a brief assessment and evaluation

This is the first step as the results will determine what level of treatment care the person needs. There are 3 major levels of care; detox, inpatient and outpatient.

If the person needs outpatient, find a local provider by searching by city. Outpatient treatment can be done in the evenings while living at home and continuing to work.

If the assessment determines the person needs inpatient, residential care, find 3 treatment centers that seem to be a good fit to the needs of the person going to treatment. There are all kinds of different treatment centers. Each one offers their own unique set of services and therapy.

Consider the needs of the person and try and match them with what the treatment center offers.

Once you have chosen 3 treatment centers, have each one check the health insurance benefits. Checking the insurance may be the primary determining factor.

    • Most treatment centers accept insurance. Some are in-network with various providers. Make sure you understand exactly what are the out-of-pocket costs. Ask a lot of direct questions.

Personal responsibility and behavioral change are major components of all credible drug treatment program.

Cost of Attending Treatment Centers

Since it is considered medical and educational, drug alcohol treatment is expensive, no doubt. The cost range can vary considerably depending on the amenities and whether there is any applicable health insurance.

The reason is, rehab is considered a medical proposition, so it is a lot like going into the hospital for 30 days. Again, each treatment center is different. Some take Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, some are in-network with certain carriers, and others are not, so there would be a co-pay. It can get very confusing if not downright mind boggling. Take your time.

Types of Treatment Programs

      • Residential
      • Wilderness
      • Hospital-based
      • Long term Extended Care
      • Co-occurring Disorders
      • Gender Specific
      • Faith Based
      • Intensive Outpatient (IOP). IOP is attending group and individual counseling sessions at a clinic, several times per week.
      • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP). Attending group and individual counseling sessions at a hospital based program, either all morning or all afternoon, 5 times per week. And some are 9 to 5, Monday through Friday.
      • Inpatient Residential -Inpatient is the level that gets the most attention. Most have a detox as a part of their services, others will send someone who needs detox to a facility nearby and then be readmitted. Clients check-in full time, staying inside 24 hours a day.

      Treatment Centers – Pros and Cons of Going Away

      The upside of going away from the immediate using environment is the person is much more likely to stay the full term. Clients can walk out of rehab the day after they finish detox and no when can stop them. Also, clients seem to focus on the task at hand better when away from home. Younger people might not benefit from the going away as much as a more mature adult.

      The downside of going away to rehab is the expense of travel and also the family will not be able to participate so readily.


      We’ve already discussed how there are many different types of programs. Some of the other factors would be whether or not the treatment center allows cell phones or lap tops, musical instruments, etc.

      Small vs. Big Treatment Centers

      The range of size of a treatment center varies anywhere from 6 to 200 beds. Which size would seem to suit the person better?


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