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Drug Alcohol Treatment Programs By States

Alcohol and drug abuse in the United States has become a nightmare. So many people over the age of 12 using drugs and ultimately becoming addicted. Seeking treatment for drug addiction can be overwhelming and making the journey to sobriety seem impossible. Admission into a rehab facility that is qualified can be the only means to ensure long-term success. An estimated 22.7 million United States citizens from the ages of 12 have some kind of addiction but only 3 million got the help they needed. The perceived cost of treatment is the number one reason for those who did not seek treatment. For many low-income earners and those without insurance the perceived cost of treatment can deter them from seeking help. State funded treatment centers are organizations that make use of government money that is distributed by the state to support them on their road to recovery.

SAMSHA’s national drug programs database

These centers provide detox, treatment and support services for those without the money or insurance. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse more than 1.8 million patients used this program.

What to Expect at a State Funded Treatment Center


Even though the state funded treatment centers cannot provide the luxury at private institutions; the goal for both agencies is to provide detox, addiction counseling as well as outpatient treatment. These centers offer their services either for free or on a sliding basis. Sometimes the patient has to cover a portion of the bill. They have flexible payment plans for those with difficulties.


Only qualified practitioners are employed at the treatment centers. They are often teaching institutions that make use of the latest research, interventions and medication. Professionals working in the facility are not there for the income but they truly care for their patients’ health.


The facilities are accountable for how they spent the money. Programs that have proven to be unsuccessful are discontinued and those with proven rates of success remain open to the community.

Treatment and other related services can happen in a variety of locations including; • Hospitals
• Independent Provider services
• Community behavioral health centers
• Substance abuse rehab facilities
• Inpatient provider facilities
• Jails and prisons

One major challenge for the state funded facilities is the waiting list. Certain people such as pregnant women have priority for spaces. This might deter some people from seeking help. To deal with this many state funded rehabilitation programs provide outpatient services as an individual waits for more intense treatment. Washington State is an epitome for most, if an individual meets the eligibility requirements they can receive up to 6 months of treatment within 24 hours. For an individual to be accepted into a suitable treatment program they have to meet a number of requirements; • Proof that they reside in the funding state
• Proof of US citizenship
• Give information about their degree of dependence history
• Demonstrate inability to afford treatment

Finding a State-Funded Treatment Center

Once an individual is ready to start treatment there are numerous resources that they can use to find state funded rehab programs. Through the SAMHA’s website they can find all the information they need. According to a survey 95% of untreated addicts die of their addiction if they do not get the treatment they require. To counter this and reduce the premature deaths, the state funded rehab centers seek to offer quality yet cheap treatments to all who need it.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website can be challenging to use and find the right program for you or someone else. We’re here to try and help make it much more straightforward. There are a lot of great programs, but how do you locate them? We are here to help.

Finding the right program for you or a loved one will depend primarily on what type of health insurance coverage is available.

The page contains access to the most comprehensive database of treatment programs in any state. It also has many other recovery resources. All of the services listed below are from SAMHSA free, at no charge.

SAMHSA is a nationwide database of drug and alcohol rehab information. They are staffed by very knowledgeable, friendly people available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are more than happy to answer questions about how to find a rehab program in your area or elsewhere. Whether you have money or insurance or not, they will do everything possible to help whether you’re looking for a detox, 30-day facility, sober living, residential, or gender-specific. It is totally free and completely confidential.

Click – SAMHSA’s Informational Help Website

Gain access to the SAMHSA help website. It explains how to get help and access other resources and information. Their operators speak English or Spanish. They will help people find the right treatment program or make connections to community-based support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and others. It is totally free and completely confidential.

Click – Full Access to the SAMHSA Nationwide Database

Once there, type a city, county, address, or zip code in the search facilities box located in the upper right corner and hit enter. It will be a complete list of all the various programs according to the criteria requested. 

Learn all about rehab centers.