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5 Good Reasons To Avoid Day Drinking

We certainly understand the attraction of day drinking. It takes place at a ballgame or a trip to the park or beach. Baseball or, for that matter, any leisurely activity may seem to go better with alcohol. It is consuming alcohol during daylight hours. There’s something that feels just a little bit rebellious about consuming… Continue Reading

Cannabis – THC Types – Short & Long Term Effects

Cannabis better known as marijuana is derived from the dried leaves, stems, seeds and flowering tops of the Cannabis sativa plant (hemp). It has been used for hundreds of years for recreational purposes and for medical treatment as well. Tests show that THC, the active compound in Cannabis, alters the neurotransmitter that release to the… Continue Reading

How to Find the Right Addiction Rehab Program

Finding the best drug rehab program is significant. Rehab provides a person that is addicted to drugs and or alcohol therapy, education, and care. Inpatient drug rehab facilities assist addicts in detoxifying in a safe environment and assist them through the various stages of their recovery process. Rehabs have structured treatment programs to help individuals… Continue Reading