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Finding the best drug rehab program is very important. Rehab provides a person that is addicted to drugs and or alcohol  therapy, education, and care . Inpatient drug rehab facilities not only assist addicts detoxify in a safe environment, but they also assist them through the various stages of their recovery process. Rehabs have structured treatment programs that are aimed to help individuals struggling with addiction. They help drug addicts prepare to reenter society.

Studies done show that individual that spends longer durations in rehab achieve better rates of long term sobriety.

What Happens in Addiction Rehab

There are a number of things that take place in the rehab.

  • Detox

During the detoxification process the body gets rid of the toxic influences of the drugs. The experience will vary greatly depending on the substance used. One will experience withdrawal symptoms that if properly treated can be safely alleviated.

  • Rehabilitation

The individual engages in both group and individual therapy so they can treat the underlying cause of their addiction. They get to learn how to deal with future use temptations in an effort to prevent relapse.

  • Aftercare

Once an individual has successfully completed the rehab treatment program they can take advantage of the various after services such as support groups and if there is need sober living arrangements.


Those that complete drug alcohol treatment are likely to;

  • Experience few relapses
  • Enjoy better relations with their family members’ friends and colleagues
  • Achieve sobriety
  • They tend to be on the wrong side of the law less often

Length Of Stay

There is no set time for an individual’s treatment length. The minimum length of a program is 30 days. Some individuals will benefit more from longer stays in the center. The optimal length of rehab will vary according to:

  • The individual’s addiction in question
  • Their history with addiction
  • The severity of addiction
  • The physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs


Within the United States, there are a number of different types of drug rehab each of them with different treatment philosophies. By understanding the differences between them, the chances of an individual’s break through with a successful recovery are increased. They include;


This gives an individual a chance to leave their destructive home full of distractions and they get to enter an environment that is safe where they receive professional counseling, detox and after care. They get to focus on their recovery.


This is for those people that cannot afford to put their lives on hold and move into the residential care. They get outpatient treatment during the day and they return home in the evening.


These types of programs integrate practices such as yoga and meditation in the treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

These are specialized care programs for individuals that suffer co-occurring mental health and addiction issues. They offer the individuals top psychiatric care and addiction program.


They are programs that seek to break the cycle of addiction by speaking about issues that directly impact the lives of the young people.

Gender Specific Treatment

They seek to offer a safe place that the addict can recover among people of the same gender.

Then there are luxury rehabilitation centers that will offer executive amenities and more posh surroundings than the standard rehab facilities. They are in secluded areas so the patients get maximum privacy while in the process. They offer holistic programs and innovative recovery therapies.

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