Pros and Cons of Finding Drug Rehabs Near Me

Drug Rehabs Near Me

When trying to find an addiction treatment center, many people will go online and search for “drug rehabs near me” or something similar. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of going to treatment near home?

Perhaps one of the most difficult crossroads in recovery from addiction is the initial realization that without help, without treatment, it might be nearly impossible to give up drugs or alcohol, and also to remain clean, sober, and healthy after completing a treatment program.

Many people struggle with this decision because of the impact it will have on their lives, their relationships and careers.

An estimated 20 million people need treatment for substance abuse and dependency issues. But data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows that less than 19 percent of those struggling with addiction ever get the care they deserve.

After overcoming the first hurdle of deciding to get treatment, most people are left wondering who they should turn to, or where they should go for treatment.

Not unlike trying to figure out where to eat, many take to the internet and search for something such as “rehabs near me.”

So many people actually search online for help that Google has launched addiction treatment locator tools to make it easier for people seeking help.

Google Launches New Addiction Treatment Locator Tools

For those that live in large metropolitan areas, there are usually many options to choose from, which makes it an easy choice for those who would like to utilize a treatment facility close to home.

But that’s not necessarily the case for people who live in small towns or isolated rural areas of the country.

They may have to travel at least a few hundred miles from home or farther to find a facility that suits their needs and issues.

Whatever the situation, we outline a few of the most important advantages and disadvantages of using drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers close to home.

Pros and Cons of Finding Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Near Me

The Benefits of Finding “Alcohol and Drug Rehabs Near Me”

There are countless benefits to getting addiction treatment that is close to home.

Some of the most common reasons to go to rehab near home include:

  • For some people, traveling too far from home would create unneeded anxiety, and treatment close to home feels more secure in an already scary situation
  • Most residential treatment centers offer outpatient programs, like relapse prevention groups, which are easier to attend for someone who lives nearby
  • Similarly, if family counseling is necessary or, perhaps, even just family visits, it’s easier for loved ones to show support by being present when the facility is in close proximity
  • Going to treatment close to home can be more cost effective as it eliminates many of the expenses involved in traveling across the country
  • Establishing new relationships with other likeminded people in recovery that live close by can be a healthy way to stay social and avoid old, destructive habits after completing treating and leaving the facility

Many of the reasons listed here are important considerations to make because recovery will be a lifelong process.

Having a support group after treatment will make the transition smoother, and living near others that went to treatment at the same time and live locally can help with the adjustment of a new life.

The Advantages of Finding Rehabs Far From Home

In truth, there can actually be advantages to going to an addiction treatment center that is far from home.

Some important reasons for going to treatment far from home include:

  • Getting far away from a potentially toxic environment that can very often drive addictive behaviors will help with the initial stages of recovery
  • If needed, it’s easier to keep treatment confidential if it isn’t close to friends, family or colleagues
  • Getting treatment somewhere far from home can allow for greater focus because there are fewer potential distractions in a new place
  • It can be more difficult to leave before fully completing a treatment program when it’s far from home, which is an added level of commitment that some might feel they need
  • With some exceptions, people living in rural parts of the country or small towns can get access to a higher quality of treatment near, or in bigger cities because of where many of the most qualified professionals live and work

It can be scary to be away from home when beginning recovery, although the points above make strong arguments for why a person might want, or need, to travel some distance to find the best fit.

Online Rehab Treatment Resources

Every person in recovery has unique circumstances and reasons for becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. When searching for drug rehabs near me, the internet is one of the first places many people go, and it offers plenty of online rehab treatment resources and options for rehabs near or far away.

Whether a person opts for a rehab center nearby or one a little farther from home, there are several completely free resources available, such as the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in the US.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) operates a National Helpline that can provide assistance to people looking to make an educated choice.

Making the decision to get addiction treatment can be a hard first step, but for millions of people in recovery who are now living healthy, productive and fulfilling lives, it can end up being the best choice they ever made.