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It is estimated nearly 25 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and or drugs. The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Help Center was founded in 2000. Our mission is to provide free help and information about alcohol and drug addiction. We are trying to be a part of the solution to America's drug and alcohol abuse problem. Our staff has access to the largest database of treatment centers in the world. They will gladly provide the most accurate information to you at no charge. If you're looking for a treatment center anywhere in the Unites States, just click on the computer screen below to go to our nationwide database of drug rehab centers. We've also assembled a list of some of the best drug rehab centers in the United States, including non12-step.

The good news is there are almost as many Americans in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction (~23.5 million) as those who are still suffering from the disease. Recovery is the committment to abstain from drug and alcohol use, by working a " program" of recovery. Most people in recovery are using the 12-step model of AA or NA. With recovery comes a new healthy lifestyle. In order to stay clean & sober, most recovering people start to get involved in new healthy activities such as exercise, nutrition & spirituality. Recovery really works, it is the level of committment on the part of the individual which matters.


Heavy alcohol consumption produces a negative impact affecting their health, families, friends and communities.


Prescription abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in America. Over 2 million people are struggling with it.


Marijuana is a powerful drug and regular use can lead to addiction. Nearly 10 percent of users become addicted.


Heroin addiction is becoming a serious drug problem in the US. It has reached every social strata and age group.


Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug. It can make someone feel "invincible". People can quickly become addicted.


Crystal meth is a synthetic stimulant. It is a crystalline form of methamphetamine and smoked in small pipes.

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  • It's a Brain Disease
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  • 90% Began as Teenagers
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