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How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System

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Understanding how long meth stays in your system requires an examination of several factors. This potent amphetamine’s detection times depend on the person’s habits, individual body chemistry, and how it was consumed.

The primary way it is tested for is through urine screens, which can typically find usage within a 1 to 4-day period. However, for heavy consumption, this may extend up to a week or longer. This is because pH levels can influence the rate at which it is excreted out.

Urine with higher pH levels (alkaline) excretes it less efficiently than urine with average or lower (acidic) pH levels. While consuming plenty of water or using herbal supplements is often suggested as a way to clean it out, they generally do not effectively remove all traces of it.

  • Dirty Urine – 1 to 4 days


Meth reaches it peak plasma levels within three to six hours after consumption, and this duration is reduced to two to four hours when it is injected.

  • Injection provides a quicker, more intense effect compared to snorting or smoking it.

The way of consumption also influences how much time that the drug can be detected.

Injection results in the presence of 45% of the crystal form and 7% amphetamine, while snorting or oral consumption results in 30 to 54% crystal meth and 10 to 23% amphetamine.


Health conditions such as malnutrition, dehydration, diarrhea, and diabetes can increase urine pH, potentially extending someone’s positive test exposure.


Moreover, its half-life is approximately 10 hours. This is the time it takes to remove 50%, which is crucial for estimating when the system might be clear. Half-Life is important to this issue because the time it takes for a person to be “clean” is based on it. In this case, half of the drug is gone in 10 hours after the last use. Then, from that point, it takes another 10 hours to remove another 50% of it.

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