Alcoholism Dramatically Affects The Family

Alcoholism is a family disease. What that means is that alcohol abuse affects the whole family, not just the user.

Alcohol abuse has severe negative consequences on the entire family. No functioning alcoholic can maintain any healthy relationship. However, there are things the family can do to take care of themselves. It is essential to take steps to protect themselves from the consequences of the person abusing alcohol.

Today, family recovery is a reality for millions of Americans. Recovery has become the most powerful way to break the cycle of alcoholism in the family.

The family of an active alcoholic can take steps to protect themselves. Here are some things to consider doing to minimize the effects of the affected person.

  • Join a support group, like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon
  • Consider doing an intervention
  • Learn about alcoholism
  • Detach and take responsibility for yourself
  • Stop old behaviors
  • Communicate
  • Build strength in the family
  • Engage in personal and family activities
  • Make an appointment with a professional family therapist

Here are some interesting facts about alcohol abuse. These statistics might help understand they are not alone.

  • Three out of ten adults report that drinking has been a cause of trouble in their family.
  • Twenty million Americans, 1 in every ten adults, drink alcohol daily.
  • One in ten Americans currently has an alcohol problem.
  • Less than 10% of all alcohol abusers ever receive treatment.
  • Underage drinking has reached epidemic proportions.

Yes, we are big believers in the power of taking this proven helpful step towards facing and addressing the problem for more information about how to do an intervention. However, alcohol abuse is a life-threatening, debilitating problem.

Al-Anon is a support group for people in relationships with addicts or alcoholics. Let other people who have been through similar issues and circumstances help you.