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Drug & Alcohol Treatment – The Way Out Of Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Treatment, in this context, means active participation in the process of recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. Drug and alcohol treatment is the therapeutic and educational process which can be the first step in alcohol or substance abuse recovery. Treatment for alcohol and or drug abuse has been found to be the most effective and powerful tool to overcome this life threatening problem.

Treatment Defined

Drug or alcohol treatment is a general term for the medical and or therapeutic rehabilitation for dependency on alcohol and or drugs. In most cases, treatment teaches people how to live without wanting or needing to use any mood altering chemicals. Most people go into treatment as the result of some type of significant consequences their drinking or drug use has recently caused.

Various Types of Treatment Methods

Most drug and alcohol treatment programs use a combination of therapy modalities. These can include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and others.


  • Raising awareness by education and therapy
  • Behavior modification
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • Learn how to live a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle
  • Discover and address underlying psychological issues
  • Learn all about the disease concept


The primary goal of treatment is to teach lasting abstinence from alcohol and or drug use. The secondary goals are to improve the person’s quality of life and reduce physical and psychological conditions.

The long term goal is meant to improve that person’s ability to function normally and productively. Like people with other life threatening diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, people who enter recovery will also need to change their behavior to adopt a more healthful lifestyle. Through treatment tailored to individual needs, people with alcohol and drug misuse disorder can recover and lead productive lives.

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