Food Is a Drug

There is no getting around the fact that we must eat to survive. That said, society has come a long way from the days of hunter-gatherers that foraged for fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and meat. Now, most of our food comes to our tables via giant food manufactures. Even worse, the most affordable foods are… Continue Reading

Sugar Is Very Addictive

Through no fault of their own, millions of people have developed a physical dependency on sugar. It’s nearly identical to drug addiction. Here is a list of the criteria for substance dependency: regular use bingeing tolerance cravings withdrawal There’s a reason people light up when considering what tasty dessert they’re going to order. It’s why their faces… Continue Reading

Magic Mushrooms

Today, there is a growing magic mushroom decriminalization movement in this country. They, however, remain illegal and listed as a Schedule I narcotic by the federal government. Three cities have minimized the laws for simple possession. Its proponents are gradually gaining traction. Psilocybin advocacy groups, like The Society for Psychedelic Outreach, Reform, and Education (SPORE),… Continue Reading

AA Zoom Meetings

If you are looking for a Zoom AA meeting, here is a downloadable list of 12 per day, 7 days a week. Downloadable list of Zoom AA meetings 12 meetings a day – 7 days a week ( these zoom meetings originate in Tucson AZ) Times are in MST If the password is blank, there is… Continue Reading

Amyl Nitrate

“Poppers” Used To Enhance Sex

Childhood Trauma

In an ideal world, every child receives nurturing, protection and education. In reality, though, life is nowhere near perfect. Instead, life is complicated, scary, and dangerous, especially for children. It is not an understatement to say that millions of children and adolescents in the U.S. are subjected to trauma each year. The toxic effects of… Continue Reading

Ritalin vs. Adderall

When comparing Ritalin vs. Adderall understanding, each one is important. Both prescription medications act as central nervous system stimulants (CNS stimulants). They each work by increasing dopamine levels in the brain, improving attention, and reducing impulsive behavior among people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This neurological condition impairs neurotransmitter activity. These drugs are generally… Continue Reading

Baclofen Withdrawal

Baclofen is a prescription, GABA classified muscle relaxer. The precise mechanism of action is not fully understood. However, it inhibits reflexes at the spinal level by decreasing the responses to stimuli. It helps treat multiple sclerosis by relieving spasms and concomitant pain, clonus, and muscular rigidity. Dosing is gradual for treating spasticity. Most people can… Continue Reading

Decriminalize Drugs

For more than 50 years, the United States’ response to illicit drugs has decimated communities, ruined countless lives, and represents an antiquated, destructive approach to public health. In 2016, law enforcement agencies made one drug arrest every 20 seconds, amounting to 1.57 million arrests, according to an FBI Report. Even starker, an estimated 80 percent of… Continue Reading