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The First Step To Recovery – Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol treatment centers provide therapy and rehabilitation for the disease of alcoholism.

The most common form of addiction in America. Each offers the medical attention and support needed to get a drinking problem under control and start a  new, alcohol-free life.

They provide  confidential therapy so you do not have to worry about people finding out about it.

They do everything to make your stay private and comfortable throughout your journey. The period of treatment varies depending the severity of the addiction. The minimum period is generally 30 days, but can extend up to 90 days. They provide patients an environment free from the temptations of drinking and give them a chance for more in-depth treatment, therapy and rehabilitation.

After you first enter, a medical and psychological evaluation is usually done right away. The data collected will be used to design a treatment program best suited for the individuals  character and concerns. It is for this reason that you must be honest about your drinking habits.


Detox starts as soon as you are admitted. To make sure you go through withdrawal as smoothly as possible, you will be given nutritious meals, medication and rest during your stay. After detox one begins therapy, both group and individual. For alcoholism patients, group therapy is considered one of the best treatment options. In group therapy, one gets a chance to open up about their alcohol addiction with peers who understand the struggle and can relate to them.

Inpatient and outpatient

  1. Inpatient offers 24 hour supervised medical care to the patients. The patients live in the center for the duration of their rehabilitation. They not only receive medication, but also group counseling. There is the option of luxury treatment centers that have the amenities that you might find in a five star hotel like massage treatments. It allows the patient to focus completely on recovery without distractions. It is a good option for a patient that has tried other treatments but they were unsuccessful.
  2. Outpatient programs are where the patient has to regularly visit the center to receive treatment. There are several outpatient options available such as psychotherapy or group counseling, 12 step program and individual psychotherapy. This the most suitable option for a patient with family responsibilities or if you cannot take time off work.

When looking for a rehab remember everyone has different needs. The longer and more intense alcohol use the more intense and longer treatment you need. Support and long term follow up are vital to recovery. A quality program not only addresses the issue of drinking but also the emotional pain and other life problems attributed to drinking.

When looking for a program check the program’s licensing and accreditation. Also ask how effective the treatment methods are and the type of aftercare services offered so as to avoid relapse. Choose the center that best accomplishes the needs and goals of treatment. Other factors that might influence the type of center you choose include cost, history of prior treatment and insurance providers and the treatments that they usually cover.

Taking control of your life, remember when you seek treatment be ready to commit to getting better. Plan for after you leave the alcohol treatment center. Find an effective way of continuing treatment such as joining an alcoholic’s anonymous group.

Our list of the top programs in America is based on many years of working in the recovery field. Each of these alcohol treatment programs offer state-of-the-art alcohol rehab programs in their own unique way. We recommend them.

This list was created specifically to help people looking for great treatment programs, find them quickly and easily. It is based on in-depth research. They are all inpatient, 30-day type, residential programs.

Each program treats alcoholism and addiction as diseases. The criteria included staff quality, individualized programs, success rate, living facilities, reviews and overall integrity.

  • Programs are listed in alphabetical order by name.
  • Each program’s name is linked to their website.
  • All are accredited by JCAHO

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