Alcoholism Test


Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Someone may not be an alcoholic, but they still have a drinking problem. Alcoholism is now referred to as Alcohol Use Disorder.

These 12 questions will help determine whether there is a drink problem.

This is NOT a substitute for getting a professional assessment and evaluation.

Answer each question honestly. Keep track of the Yes and No answer for each question.

Alcoholic Screening Test

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Urine System?

Determining whether a person has a drinking problem or not can be difficult. This Test is a fairly good method of screening for alcoholism. Once someone takes the test, and the results indicate they may an alcohol problem, further testing and evaluation should be done by a professional.

Answer each question, “yes” or “no”


    1. – Do you ever talk about “quitting” or “cutting back”? YES or NO


    1. – Does your life basically revolve around drinking?YES or NO


    1. – Hhave you ever had memory loss from drinking (blackouts)?YES or NO


    1. – Do most of your friends drink a lot?YES or NO


    1. – Do you always have liquor in the house?YES or NO


    1. – Do you look forward to the next time you can drink?YES or NO


    1. – Do you suffer from hangovers?YES or NO


    1. – Do you often drink more than you planned? YES or NO


    1. – Does being around people who don’t drink makes you uncomfortable?YES or NO


    1. – You have ever “stopped” for a few days just to prove you don’t have a problem?
      YES or NO


    1. – Do you drive even though you know you have had a lot to drink?YES or NO


    1. – Do you rarely go a week without drinking?YES or NO



Add up the “YES” scores and match them to these results:

(0 – 2) – No Problem

(3 – 5) – Problem Drinker

(6 or more) – Seek Professional evaluation



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