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Alcohol Drug Rehab Seattle

Here is a list of alcohol drug rehabs in Seattle. Seeking help for substance abuse should not be so hard. Locating and contacting drug and alcohol treatment programs can sometimes be extremely  difficult. Below is a list of recovery facilities in this geographic area.

Most are hospital-based, which are often the best places to start, especially if someone has limited insurance. They can be a useful source of local referrals as well.

City Facility Phone
Seattle Swedish Medical Center 206-781-6048
Seattle Fairfax Hospital 206-244-8100
Seattle Harborview Medical Center 206-744-3425

Below is a map of the above listed recovery programs. Simply click on the “red post marker” to bring up the detail screen. Reviews and website information can be found on the detail screen. Use the drop down menu in the upper left-hand corner for more information and quick access.

Detoxification from alcohol and any mood altering chemicals is the first phase of treatment. Detox MUST be done under the medical supervision of a licensed MD. Today, there are state-of-the-art medications available to ease and minimize the cravings and effects of withdrawal.

Washington State Behavioral Health Recovery Division

Like most health conditions, mental health and substance use disorders can be prevented and treated. Preventing the health and safety impacts on children and adults, and the costs to communities, is a high priority.

Behavioral Health & Service Integration
3600 S Graham Street
Seattle, WA
Phone: 866-789-1511

Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR) prevention and intervention goals are to delay and prevent the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; reduce the negative consequences of drug misuse; and prevent and reduce alcohol and other drug dependency. The services we fund are data-driven, prioritized based on our state’s Substance Abuse Prevention and Mental Health Promotion Strategic Plan, and delivered in collaboration with counties, tribes, statewide organizations and other state agencies.

AA Meetings

Location Name Phone
Local AA Intergroup

NA Meetings

Location Name Phone
Local Regional NA 206-790-8888

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