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Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers Los Angeles

Finding an alcohol drug rehab center Los Angeles can seem impossible. Below there is a list of programs to help. Some are hospital facilities. They can be a valuable resource for local referrals. Most accept some form of state-funded insurance.

Included are links to their websites and a contact phone number. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Here is a list of providers within the LA area.

Facility Phone
Alo Treatment Center 877-247-6467
Alhambra Hospital 626-286-1191
Charter Oak Hospital 800-654-2673
Cri Help 323-222-7660
Las Encinas Hospital 626-795-9901
Tarzana Treatment Centers 818-996-1051


See Map Below – Program Details

Public Programs

Substance use is having a devastating effect on individuals, families and communities in California. It affects individual lives and our economy in many ways through impacts on domestic violence, child abuse, school truancy, lower or lost productivity at work, lost jobs, and increased expenses in the health care and criminal justice systems.

Los Angeles County Dept of Public Health Substance Abuse Prevention and Control
1000 S. Fremont Ave
Building A-9 East, 3rd Floor
Alhambra, CA
Phone: 800-564-6600

Alcoholics Anonymous

Name Phone
LA – AA website 323-936-4343


Narcotics Anonymous

Name Phone
narcotics anonymous 800-863-2962

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