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Adderall Epidemic On College Campus

Alcohol Related Sexual Assault On & Off Campus Drunkorexia – Students Not Eating To Drink More College Violence: Students Are Under Attack Alcohol On College Campus Is Out Of Control Adderall Epidemic on College Campus Mental Health on College Campuses Sober By Degrees – College Recovery Programs Setting Up College Recovery Programs Fraternity Hazing &… Continue Reading

College Violence: Students On Campus Are Under Attack

College campuses should be a safe environment where students come together to share ideas as well as learn. But, unfortunately, higher learning institutions are not exempt from violence. Horrific acts like those of mass shootings do bring the subject of violence on campuses to the forefront. However, it is not just guns that are a… Continue Reading

Guide: How To Set Up College Recovery Programs

Successful college recovery programs require the following assets to fully support students during their recovery, according to the 2015 Collegiate Recovery Asset Survey. Although people in recovery learn to manage various mental and emotional problems, college students have additional stress. Getting Started Critical to implementing college recovery programs is the ability of the college to… Continue Reading

Ritalin VS Adderall – See Side By Side Comparison

When comparing Ritalin vs Adderall understanding each one is important. They are both prescription medications act as central nervous system stimulants (CNS stimulants). They each work by increasing dopamine levels in the brain, improving attention and reducing impulsive behavior among people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This neurological condition impairs neurotransmitter activity. These drugs… Continue Reading

How Long Do the Effects of Weed Last?

Weed, better known as marijuana, is derived from the dried leaves, stems, seeds, and flowering tops of the Cannabis sativa plant (hemp). It has been used for hundreds of years for recreational purposes and medical treatment as well. Tests show that THC, the active compound in Marijuana, alters the neurotransmitter to the spinal cord, resulting… Continue Reading