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Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Centers can be any of a number of different types of facilities including; gender specific, adolescent, religious, long term, wilderness, hospital based or alternative. Drug centers can be large or small. And each of factors should be considered in deciding where the place is to go.

Defining a Drug Rehab Center

A drug rehab center is any type of drug rehabilitation facility which specializes in the rehabilitation of drug abuse and addiction. A drug center is usually a full time treatment center for substance abuse and chemical dependency. Drug centers are usually residential facilities, where clients stay on a full time basis. This means they house their clients and offer full time treatment for drug abuse, dependency and addiction.

Various Types of Drug Rehab Centers

Adolescent Drug Centers

There are two different age groups and licensed accordingly. Adolescent drug programs are for people 17 years of age and younger. Adult programs are licensed for people 18 years of age and older.

Gender Specific Drug Centers

Some people for whatever reason prefer to a los angeles drug addiction rehab center which have programs for either males or females. Some drug rehab centers have only one gender or the other, some have both but are totally separate and independent of the other.

Specialty Programs - Drug Centers

There are drug rehab centers that offer specific programs for unique issues such as eating disorders, gambling and sex addiction. Other specialty tracks include mood disorders, gays, occupations and medical personal.

Residential - Drug Centers

There are all different types of housing arrangements for drug rehab centers. Some are free-standing, single buildings. Others have "off-campus" facilities for their clients.

Hospital Based - Drug Centers

Hospital based drug rehab centers are generally programs that are directly or indirectly affiliated with an actual hospital. Others are simply licensed to provide a greater degree of medical care.

Religious Affiliated - Drug Centers

There are some drug rehab centers which offer a strong religious aspect to their treatment program. Most of them are Christian.

Wilderness Drug Centers

Most wilderness based drug rehab centers are generally for adolescents only. They are designed to help young people to become self-reliant and confident, and help them make a direct connection with nature.

The First Step is Proper Detoxification off Drugs in a Drug Center

The rehabilitation and treatment process always starts with detox and stabilization. Detox, short for detoxification, is the body's process of withdrawing, while the body processes the chemicals from the body.

Certain drugs do not require detox and stabilization prior to commencing rehab. Check with the facility for further information. Some, but not all, drug centers offer a licensed, medical detox unit. Others have it done at a local facility.

Rules in a Drug Center

All drug rehab centers have rules and guidelines for the behavior of their patients. There also are rules for what can and cannot be brought and used while there. In some case items such as computers, cell phones and automobiles are not allowed. Often these things are privileges which can be used as rewards or punishment.

Length of stay in a Drug Rehab Center

Generally speaking most rehab centers for drug treatment are 30 day programs. Thirty days is considered to be a minimum period of time for someone with a drug addiction to begin to make new habits. The industry now believes 90 days is the ideal length of stay to establish the kind of firm foundation to build lasting recovery.

"Locked" Drug Treatment Centers

There sometimes is some confusion about whether a client in a drug rehab center is or can be locked up. Drug treatment centers do not have the right to lock their patients "up". Since the patient has not committed a crime or is not considered a danger to themselves or others, they have the right to leave and some freedoms. The drug center has rules, of course. But the drug center does not have the right to confine any client against their will. The only exception is when someone is admitted in to detox phase. Then they sometimes are restricted as a medical necessity.

Where to Look for Drug Rehab Centers

Finding the right non 12 step drug treatment center is very important. It is well worth taking the time and trouble to determine the best facility for the person's needs and special concerns. drug centers

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